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Protecting Rights of Minorities and Marginalised Groups in Kenya: Progress in Law Reforms

Date & Time: From 2015-05-25
To 2015-05-29
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1st international Seminar: Social Cartography of Traditional Peoples & Communities in Kenya, Zimbabwe & Brazil

Link 1st international Seminar: Social Cartography of Traditional Peoples & Communities in Kenya, Zimbabwe & Brazil

“Social Context”, Induction Training Course for Newly Appointed Judges

Date & Time: From 2014-07-07
To 2014-07-07
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Judiciary Training Institute

Link The Judiciary

Seminar on State Responsibility for Investigation of Sexual Violence Cases: The ‘160 Girls Decision’ (Petition No. 8 of 2012)

Date & Time: From 2014-02-18
To 2014-02-19
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On 18th February 2014 the School of Law, University of Nairobi in collaboration with the Judiciary Training Institute held a highly successful seminar on State Responsiblity for Investigation of Sexual Violence Cases.  The aim of the seminar was to discuss the landmark constitutional decision in the ‘160 Girls Case’ (Petition No. 8 of 2012) where a group of young girls successfully challenged the Kenya government on its inaction regarding defilement.  d‘160 Girls Case’.  The aim of the seminar was to raise awareness of the decision among legal academics, students and key stakeholders in the justice sector, to consider the implications of the decision in terms of human rights litigation and development of jurisprudence, and to deliberate on mechanisms for enforcing and implementing the decision.  The Chief Guest was Hon. Lady Justice Kalpana Rawal, the Deputy Chief Justice of the Kenyan Judiciary.  The seminar attracted over 80 participants drawn from the University fraternity, civil society NGOS, and government officials in the law, justice and governance sectors.


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“Land, Environment and Natural Resources”, Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) on the Role of the University of Nairobi in Implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Date & Time: From 2013-09-07
To 2013-09-07
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“Land, Environment and Natural Resources”, Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) on the Role of the University of Nairobi in Implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, September 2013.

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Conference on Community Land Rights

Date & Time: From 2013-06-06
To 2013-06-07
Description of Conference


The conference will be organized by the Kenya Land Alliance, University of Nairobi School of Law and Strathmore Law School. The Kenya Land Alliance is the secretariat of the Land Sector Non-State Actors and the lead network that played a lead role in the gains so far in the land sector. The organizers propose to organize a two day international conference on community land rights.



  • To raise awareness and cultivate deeper understanding of the components of community land tenure regime that must be legislated.
  • To share experiences from other countries on community land rights’ regimes.
  • To take stock of the nature of customary law systems and the broad significance of their accommodation alongside the existing state law system as an equal legal system despite its complexity.
  • Identify and deliberate on the challenges and dilemmas of formulating community land law and offer best practices to overcome them.
Link Conference on Community Land Rights


Date & Time: From 2011-03-12
To 2013-09-12
Description of Conference
  1. Judicial Reforms and Access to Justice in Kenya: Realizing the Promiseof the New Constitution, Pact & Act! (2012)
  1. Kenya: Justice Sector and the Rule of Law, A review by AfriMAP and theOpen Society Initiative for Eastern Africa, Open Society Foundations (2011)
  1. Legal Review of the Community Customary Land Rights Recognition (CCLRR)Model, United States Agency for International Development, USAID Project on Securing Rights to Land and Natural Resources for Biodiversity and Livelihoods in the North Coast (2011).
  1. Njiraine, D", "LeRoux".  2011.  Applying Earl’s KM model in IK management: with reference to Kenya and South Africa. . The Electronic Library. 29(6):817-827.
  2. "Njiraine, D", D.N" O", " Onyancha B".  2011.  Indigenous knowledge research in Kenya and South Africa: an informetrics study. Research issues in Information Studies in a changing local and global environment: Some African perspectives, Saarbrücken (Germany): Lambert Academic Publishing
  3. Kaviti, LK.  2011.  Perspectives in Bantu Grammar-The Case of Kikamba. , Saabrucken: VDM-Verlag
  4. (2012) Author Empowerment through Copyright in Kenya: Open Scholarship, and Alternative Publishing African Innovation Research and Training (Open AIR), University of Cape Town, Cape Town; Innovative Lawyering & Sihanya Mentoring, Nairobi & Siaya.
  5. “The Presidency and Public  Authority in Kenya’s New Constitutional Order,” Constitution Working Paper series No. 2 Society for International Development (SID) Eastern & Central Africa, Nairobi Printed by The Regal Press Ltd, Nairobi (2011).
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