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All Calendar of Activities
Starting in 2013
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
101-May-201331-May-2013 First year intake (2013/2014) Acad. Year School of Law KisumuStudents School of Law


201-Jun-201330-Jun-2013 Clinicals School of Law KisumuStudents

301-Sep-201330-Sep-2013 Masters (LLM) intake School of Law KisumuStudents

401-Nov-201330-Nov-2013 Clinicals School of Law Kisumu

513-Dec-201313-Dec-2013 End of Year Graduation Ceremony School of Law KisumuStudents

Starting in 2014
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
625-Jul-201427-Jul-2014 COMMON WEALTH MOOT COURT COMPETITION School of Law KisumuStudents London 0734-273568
Starting in 2015
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
705-Jan-201509-Jan-2015 2015/2016 First Year Admission School of Law KisumuStudents Parklands Campus
Starting in 2016
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
808-Jul-201608-Jul-2016 School of Law Board meeting School of Law KisumuStaff Parklands, Nairobi Mr. Okech Owiti
914-Jul-201615-Jul-2016 School of Law Intercampus Moot competition School of Law KisumuStudents Moot Court, Wing B, Mega City Samson Aosa
1019-Aug-201619-Aug-2016 Academic Staff Meeting School of Law KisumuStaff LR1 - Mega City Mr. Okech Owiti
1108-Sep-201608-Sep-2016 Orientation September 2016 School of Law KisumuStudents Town Campus Associate Dean
1216-Sep-201616-Sep-2016 Invitation to Competition Law Conference School of Law Kisumu Parklands Campus, HWO Okoth-Ogendo Boardroom Mr. Okech Owiti
Starting in 2017
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
1309-Jan-201730-Apr-2017 January - April 2017 Lecture Timetable School of Law KisumuStudents Kisumu Campus Complex Mrs. Elizabeth Odhiambo
1401-Apr-201701-Oct-2017 Approved Schedule of the Moot Court Competition for the Year 2017 School of Law KisumuStudents Alosa Samson, Lecturer University of Nairobi School of Law
1505-May-201705-May-2017 SCHOOL OF LAW MANAGEMENT TEAM VISIT TO KISUMU CAMPUS School of Law KisumuStaff SOL - KSM CAMPUS Associate Dean SOL

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